origin of the bag

What is the history of bags?

It should be noted that there is no exact date of when the first bag was invented, however, since our beginnings, they have been present due to their great utility for humans. From carrying personal items accessories to our documents and small leather goods, handbags and wallets have innovated the world with their fashion, that is why we are so interested in knowing when they originated and why?

In the history of bags, as we have mentioned, there is no exact date of when the first bag was created, but we do have evidence of what times the first creations and their uses are close to.

These facts we can name today by the drawings embodied in rocks or well called “petroglyphs”. In addition, these wallets were very useful when going hunting, due to their great ease of carrying tools or weapons in them.

What were the first bags in history called?

The first to be used could not be considered bags, however they were little bags that were tied at the waist or passed over the shoulders and that turned out to be very practical for the time, we can say that it is a primitive version of what we know today as a leather backpack. This leather bag is known by the name of Alforja. In fact, the Greek term used in the Perseus myth uses a word that could be translated as satchel to describe the saddlebag used to hold Medusa’s head.

When talking about the bag called the saddlebag, we refer to the 5th century BC. being a record of ancient Greece.

But well, when did the wallets that we know so much and continue to use for their great utility originate?

It turns out that the exact date is not available, but it is known that its origin is masculine compared to what we see today many times with a more decorative than practical use. Being much more recent, you can learn about the history of the first wallets and bags that date back to the 18th century, modernizing the old leather bag that was used until then to turn it into a leather wallet where it would be much more practical to carry. money and papers.

The evolution of handbags in the 18th and 19th centuries.

In the 18th century, the handbag was born, becoming part of the textile industry and entering the world of fashion, it also began to be manufactured from various materials such as silk and leather, having a fundamental role in those times for the women’s wardrobe of high society.

The bags were beginning to be an accessory that gave exclusivity and modernity through its colors and decorations, they were so appreciated in those times that at the moment they were passed from generation to generation as an article of great value.

Additionally, the 19th and 20th centuries saw significant advancements in the craftsmanship and design of handbags. The Industrial Revolution brought about new manufacturing techniques and materials, allowing for mass production and increased accessibility. Designers began to experiment with shapes, sizes, and functionalities, introducing clutches, evening bags, and structured handbags.

This era also marked the rise of luxury fashion houses, each bringing their unique aesthetic to the handbag industry, further cementing the accessory’s status as a symbol of personal style and sophistication.

To this day, as in the 19th and 20th centuries, wallets and purses are part of the habitual use of people around the world. With the evolution of companies, new alternatives have appeared like crossbody bags, hobo bags and tote bags fulfilling the function of helping us store our belongings, but also make us look more fashionable.

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